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Kawazaki 1000z, Ezekiel 21, 'The Sword'

20160609 kawazaki1000zthesword
© Francois Richer - My Spirit Photographie

Strange name for a motorcycle...

For this project commanded by Grégoire, I had to work on a run bike. The man imagined himself on a starting line since too long and, as a good survivor of a recent shooting in Paris, he decided that his dreams had to be achieved in his lifetime. Monsieur wanted to run but with elegance. The challenge interests me...

Anyway! Two or three traditional phone calls to draw the outline of the project: a powerful tail frame, not too low, with a spring fork and pretty finishes. And go for the purchase of the base. It will be a Z 1000 ST. The original few hundreds horsepower on a very light chassis should be enough to get some strong emotions, and allow me to devote the majority of the budget (not crazy but comfortable) on the design of the machine.

The chassis takes shape rapidly. A sleeker tail frame, like a bike but provided with a important pedaling assistance.

The stock wheels that I find pretty cool when I imagine them polished are conserved and adapted to the CBR fork, emptied and "springerised" (custom dampers by Shaft Racing). For this step I admit I used some sketches, and even some math... Not my habit! But as usual, well surrounded by my mates Joe, Mikael and Gael, we tinkered this thing that works pretty well.

Sick brain, always a little monopolized by the drag US vintage vibe, the machine must, like previous ones, be radical. As a proof: the proportions of the tires (auto 525/550 rear and run master 3,5 front, Avon of course, thank you Charles) and the aluminum tank that must not exceed 5 liters leave no room for compromise. For the sake of "street legal minimum", I hide two small flashing lights and a LED brake light under the saddle masterfully realised by John (Red's Leather).

Restricted by the wallet, unable to satisfy all our pretensions for preparation of the engine, I think we had to play another card to shine in the run. When you don't have cards, you still have the bluff! A little divine intimidation (and a little provocation at the same time) should play in our favor. After a couple of nights of "holy" readings, I chose a few lines of Ezekiel 21 from the New Testament to decorate the mini tank. A rather creepy passage which speaks of a sword sharpened and polished and a god who, for once, seems really pissed off and ready to fight. Connoisseurs will recognize there the careful work of the Stick your cycles team.

Leather flask, home made handlebar, some homegrown details as the chain selector, the juxtaposed stainless steel exhaust and a renovated mill, green, inevitably, this is a Kawasaki!

After several months of work and a last little sign of the cross the craft is ready to fire.

Greg, you run faster than bullets, that's a fact. Now we wait to see what you can do behind the handlebars!

Amen (more pictures here)